The gleanings within these pages are a mélange of curios representing a body of research, contemplation, and practice for upcoming books and essay projects in the philosophies and esoteric traditions of Western magic and the occult.

Dovetailing the wisdom and practices of Theurgy, Hellenistic Deity Worship, Alchemy, Hermeticism, Lyricism and the Poetic Soul, Neoplatonism, Gnosticism, Pandaemonic Eros, and Ceremonial and Planetary Magic, these concepts represent the sentient current of my own personal synchromystic path. If these words resonate, I hope they will be as springboards and fuel for your own gnosis.

Offered as personal inspiration. To repost, please request permission. (Areas of this material represent quotes and transcribed texts from various magicians, astrologers and authors in the craft, in such instances, a request from the original author is recommended.)

Nitasia Roland


Forthcoming Tarot Chimera Deck

A sneak peek of a new Tarot deck I am designing and writing the interpretations guide for: TAROT CHIMERA The Arcana of Odilon Redon ~ featuring the enigmatic prints and paintings of the French Symbolist artist digitally enhanced and formatted to Tarot. This 86 card deck, which includes 8 oracle cards, features all the chimericContinue reading “Forthcoming Tarot Chimera Deck”

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